Video Surveillance

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Video Surveillance Systems, can be specifically designed to meet any visual security need. At APS, we are committed to providing highly innovative surveillance and video solutions.

Our Video Surveillance professionals will create a complete monitoring control solution that will enable monitoring and access locally or remotely from anywhere you have cellular connectivity or wireless access. When it comes to safety and protection, APS surveillance digital video recorder will make it possible to watch all angles of your home.

Whether you are looking for security surveillance for your home, office, warehouse, parking facility and more, APS has a video surveillance solution that fits any need you may have. Our commitment to our customers, professional attention, and dedication to produce quality video surveillance, has earned the confidence of thousands of our valued clients.


  • Increase overall security and safety
  • Prevent dishonest claims
  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Visual evidence for investigations
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Prevent theft

HD Analog Surveillance

Analog CCTV technology has been around more than three decades.  The industry is moving toward IP and technology, but analog systems are still popular and are widely used.  Analog cameras now provide a high definition options to be able to record 720p HD. High definition camera systems are essential to capturing clear, discernable video of questionable behavior, crimes, attacks, or vandalism.

For many of our customers there are benefits of going with an HD analog system over HD IP cameras include:

  • Lower system cost 
  • Simple installation, using the same process already in place for standard analog cameras
  • Easy integration into an existing CCTV system

As an affordable alternative to IP technology, HD analog cameras grant access to the reliable and usable surveillance technology while staying within budget, an important factor for small businesses, HOA communities, and personal residences.

Network Surveillance

Network or IP (internet protocol) surveillance systems are becoming the standard for demanding situations that require the identification of a person or object in a scene at a distance or in precise detail.

IP Surveillance systems simply refers to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network, as opposed to sending a feed to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which is done with analog systems.

The benefits of IP Surveillance:

  • Superior Image quality- The resolution and image quality allows the user to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property. 
  • Accessibility- Being a network system, you can access real-time video from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection to your facility or property. This connectivity also allows APS to monitor and support the system remotely. 
  • Scalability- A network video system can grow with a user’s needs - one camera at a time, while analog systems can often only grow in steps of four or 16 at a time
  • Quick, reliable installation- With only one cable needed per camera installation is fast and efficient. 


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