Mutlispace Parking Meters Powered by Flowbird

Manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud-based platform


Many paid parking locations don’t have the infrastructure or necessary operational requirements for a full Parking Access Revenue Control system. In these instances, owners/operators rely on other forms of revenue collection and facility monitoring.

APS is pleased to have partnered with Flowbird (formerly Parkeon and Cale) to address ‘non-gated’ applications. Flowbird offers a wide range of revenue and mobility solutions such as Multi-space Pay on Foot Pay Stations, mobile payment and wayfinding apps, failure to pay and permit enforcement and much more.

Flowbird’s technology is designed to be cloud-based. Most their technology communicates via cellular or WiFi and is smart-phone enabled. The Multi-space Pay Stations can be powered locally or through solar panels. This approach allows for a much smaller financial and infrastructure footprint that can fit the budget of any suitor.

APS is an authorized reseller, certified installer and repair specialist for Flowbird. Flowbird’s advanced suite of parking and mobility solutions fits nicely into APS’ desire to be a turnkey solution provider in the Parking Technologies industry. We install, service and support a wide range of Flowbird’s solutions portfolio.

Our notable installations to date include the City of Los Angeles, Seal Beach, Ventura Beach and Death Valley Parks.

Pay and Display Stations

Pay and Display Stations are centrally located ticket kiosks used for surface parking lots or urban street parking. The kiosk allows a customer to enter in their information and pay for parking. Once the customer pays, a validation ticket prints and the ticket is displayed on the dashboard.

Pay by Stall Station

Pay and Display Stations are centrally located ticket kiosks used for surface parking lots. as opposed to pay and display, the customer enters in their parking spot number and the time purchased for parking is associated to the individual parking space. 


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