Mobile Parking Platforms

Manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud-based platform


Inugo offer a unique windows up, frictionless parking experience, and APS sells, installs and services Inugo Intelligent Gate Controllers and the Inugo Cloud Platform across San Diego, Orange and LA counties.

With this unique customer self-service model, you can manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud based platform; all designed to reduce admin time, operational costs and revenue leakage for the parking provider and a stress free parking experience for the parker.

Benefits for Parking Providers:

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing parking systems and PARCS equipment
  • Ticketless and cashless, and reduce revenue leakage
  • Secure payment through the Inugo app
  • Reduce admin time and manage all your parking from a single parking platform
  • Frictionless access and management of monthly contract parking

The Inugo smartphone parking app lets parkers find, access, and pay for parking from their phone. It is designed to take the stress out of parking, and get people to their destination faster.

Benefits for Parkers:

  • Unlock thousands of available parking spaces
  • Ticketless and cashless, easily pay for parking using your phone
  • A digital parking pass — no more queues at pay stations
  • Open barriers and parking gates from the Inugo app

Inugo also integrates with existing PARCS systems, to speed up parking access control system. Inugo has a smarter, faster and cost-effective solution for access control for residential buildings and company offices, universities, airports, hospitals, and malls. Choose which level of access you wish to provide, and manage all monthly contract parking instantly, whether it’s for visitors, staff, residents, customers, or the general public. Streamline your parking offering to reduce monitoring costs, human error, and security concerns – while maximizing your monthly parking revenue.

Parking Access Control Features

  • Open any parking gate from your smartphone
  • Quick and cost effective to install
  • No proximity cards, paper tickets or access codes
  • Cloud based portal for easy admin and parking information
  • Automated monthly contract parking


Intelligent Gate Controller

Access control that allows you to open any parking gate from your mobile phone. Inugo offers an end-to-end parking access solution, whether it is accessing staff parking or resident parking, Inugo opens parking gates with a simple touch of a button on their phone. Whether you manage residential parking or commercial and office parking facilities, Inugo is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing parking access control system. Truly universal, Inugo’s Intelligent Gate Controller simply attaches to any parking gate, barrier or roller door. This lets parkers access with a touch of a button on the Inugo app on their phones, without ever having to leave their car – making parking access easier, faster and more convenient.

Cloud-Based Customer Management Platform

The Inugo unique customer self-service model puts you in control so you can manage transient and monthly parking from one cloud-based platform; all designed to reduce admin time and operational costs. Inugo is a universal and innovative platform that seamlessly integrates with any parking gate, roller door or surface lot. Ticketless and cashless, payments are charged straight to the parkers credit card, reducing your operational costs and creating a secure and reliable payment management system that your existing team members can manage. All of these payments are controlled by you via your own private Operator Portal, an all-in-one platform, giving a single view across multiple facilities, where you can keep track of all your parking payments and reduce the risks of revenue leakage.


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