Savina Condos - San Diego, CA

APS was award the contract to install High Speed doors for Savina Condos in Downtown San Diego.

Savina, a 36-story tower is one of the first new high-rise condominium communities to grace Downtown in almost a decade. Everything about the property is luxurious even down to the automated doors that secure access into the parking garage for the residents.

This community doesn't have tradition swing gates or slide gates, no, those did not provide the speed and efficiency required to provide the first class experience. Instead, APS installed two Rytec High speed doors into the condominium parking.

As you approach the underground parking at Savina you are met by a 22' x 15' Rytec Spiral Door. Once you enter this door you have access to the small amount of commercial parking. For tennats they continue to a second high spped door which is a 20' x 8' lowhead room door. These doors are capable of opening at 60" per second. So, residents do not have to wait to get where they are going.

This is the second Bosa project in San Diego APS has installed their High Speed Doors. Also, go check out the Pacific Gate Condos!

Solutions Provided

  • Gate Automation
  • Parking Technology

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  • Sale and Design
  • Project Installation
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  • Maintenance & Support


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