Fashion Valley Mall Upfront Parking – San Diego, CA

Fashion Valley Mall is a premier retail location in the heart of San Diego. It is owned and managed by Simon Properties. Annually, the mall sees over a million visitors walk up and down its sprawling corridors.

It is a popular shopping destination and, with that, comes traffic congestion. On any given day, it can be a challenge to find a good parking space around the mall. To alleviate some of the strain on people looking for parking, the mall offers an upfront parking option.

This parking option is a paid service for those willing to forgo the hassle of looking for the parking. Some people like the option to pay to have the convenience factor and not have to deal with circling around looking for parking.

In 2017, Simon Properties replaced the old parking equipment inside the Upfront Parking Garage and chose Access Professional Systems (APS) as their Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) partner. APS recommended and deployed TIBA parking solutions to address the parking requirements.

APS and TIBA have allowed the mall and their parking management partner to dramatically reduce overhead by automating the payment process and removing the cashier at exit. This would have not been an option with the old system.

APS' project scope consisted of:

  • 1 Entry Lane
  • 2 Automated Exit Lanes
  • Walk up Pay on Foot Station
  • Customer Service Cameras and VOIP Intercoms

The Fashion Valley Mall parking is working well, and shoppers are happy they can get into the mall more quickly now.

Solutions Provided

  • Parking Control

Services Provided

  • Sale and Design
  • Project Installation


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